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I am publisher, proofreader and writer; Master in Edition from the Univesidad de Salamanca; Certified in Editorial Processes by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and specialized in Reading Projects and School Library by the Center for Higher University Studies of the OEI. I provide editorial services and consulting related to books and reading. I have collaborated in numerous publications, in the creation of collections or contents and in the implementation of various editorial plans. I accompany authors in the creative process and collaborate with them in correcting your texts. I am publisher in ¡Más Pimienta! I participate annually in the international book fairs: Bologna, Frankfurt and Guadalajara. As a writer, I have specialized in children's literature and my work has been published in Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Spain and Slovenia. I am member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. In 2019 I obtained one of the National Literature Awards in Uruguay, in the children's literature category, for my book Nyah Nyah. I currently live in Spain.

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The stories activate the children's imagination and they build an inner universe in relation to those stories and their own experiences. They relate ideas, cross realities and gradually begin to understand them. This is how they establish a personal sense and these stories are essential for the development of an identity. That is why reading is such a powerful and necessary medium in early childhood.

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I write alone and I do my process, but even when I am in that moment of solitude and surrender, I am with others: thinking from a specific social place of the characters, recreating a true scene, telling the realities of other people that I need to know ... well, the collective always goes through what we are doing, although the action of writing is done in complete solitude.

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